Good/Well—Which is it?

Lesson 5: James Brown Has Arrived with that Answer!


Okay, my friends, I think we’re ready for the $64,000 question. Remember what it is?

Which is correct?

A. I feel well.

B. I feel good.

There’s only one piece of information you need to know in order to settle this kind of problem for the rest of your life. Do you know what that is?

Here it is. Are you ready? Are you sure? There’s no going back now once I give you the information; you realize that, don’t you? You can’t just shrug your shoulders and go uh-uh anymore when this problem comes up. You will have a moral obligation to give the correct information to anyone who is interested. That is the solemn oath of the Professional Clamdigger. All right? You agreed?

Good:Well Mastery Rule

Ahhhhhhh! Now don’t you feel better already? That’s it. Okay, now go back up to the problem before and decide on the best answer—write down an airtight and watertight argument about why the one you chose is correct. Write out your argument here:

“Okay, who wants to do this? Giovanni, come on down! What’s the story here please for goodness’ sakes? Finally, let’s get it solved!”

“Well, you said that ‘good’ is an adjective and that ‘well’ is an adverb, and we know that the verb ‘feel’ is a linking verb, and we know that the linking verb is modified by an adjective, so…”

 “Yes, yes? You’re doing great, Mr. Giovanni. Keep going. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Don’t text and drive either.”

“So that means that the correct sentence is: I feel good.

“So do I, Giovanni; I feel good too, now that I’ve heard your answer. You are one smart dude. And you know what, everybody? It is time to break it out and celebrate this milestone in our grammar education. And to do that I have invited a guest lecturer who is going to get the party started.



(Lesson interrupted here.)