Loving Grammar Testimonials

See what fellow students, teachers, parents, and administrators are saying about "Loving Grammar: Mr. Lund's Guide to Professional Clamdigging"
  • As I write and teach my students to write, I often find myself quoting the very same example sentences Mr. Lund taught us in class to demonstrate each rule. I’ve never seen another grammar curriculum so effective in instilling and sustaining strong grammar skills in students.
    Christine Roberson (High School English teacher and former homeschool student)
  • What is the difference between a past and a present participial phrase?  And what is a gerund?  Now I can answer these questions confidently.  What made me learn it was that the book keeps things simple—you learn clear rules without a lot of exceptions.  I think the most important part was the mastery exams.  This is where you have to know certain material (like memory sentences) before taking the test.  I did get some zeros, but now I really know the material.
    Karen Friedrich
  • I have learned more in one semester than in all of my ten other years of school.  As I did my Clamdigging assignments, it felt as though Mr. Lund was right there talking to me in person—like a tutor.  This would be a great for homeschooling students because they could do most of it on their own.  Anyone could teach from this book because it is so straightforward and clear.   I would recommend this book to anyone; it has changed my writing forever!
    Dee Anne Kirkpatrick
  • I have enjoyed this book very much.  I never used to be very good at grammar; however, now I’ve got it down.  The book is fun to read and at the same time, I am retaining all the information.  The thing I like about this book is that it goes right to the point:  there are certain rules that I have to know and once I have them memorized, I know exactly what to do.
    Anoor Hajee (Pakistan)
  • "Clamdigging" is the reason I am able to write and punctuate correctly. Because of Clamdigging I never forget how to correctly use commas and semi-colons. You'd be surprised how many college students still don't know how to use this punctuation--even adults! Clamdigging is a fun and informative book that engages students with interesting example sentences and comical dialogue."
    Grace Ngobia (Kenya)
  • I would love to have your Guide to Professional Clamdigging over here (Germany)  to pass along to my "ESL" students so that they learn the "why's" of English Grammar.
    Faith Christensen (ESL teacher in Germany)
  • As an ESL student, I found Mr. Lund's Guide to Professional Clamdigging to be the most effective tool for learning English. Clamdigging has not only helped me improve my sentence structure, punctuation, and writing, but it has also molded me into a better speaker of English.
    Abdul Tijani (Sierra Leone)
  • My mother, who is not a native English speaker, has been using it to improve her English and even now I sometimes peruse it just for fun. When is the last time you read your high school English grammar book for fun? Read Mr. Lund's "Clamdigging" and you'll find out why!
    Dolores Henry (Mexico)
  • I always thought English grammar books were formal and boring, until I met Mr. Lund's Guide to Professional Clamdigging.” It was an outstanding guide for paving the way to college level English skills." It has really been a tremendous help for me; I still remember the example sentences!
    Harry Maeng (Korea)
  • I've studied English in German textbooks but in my opinion, the Clamdigging textbook was way more effective because although it was maybe a higher level of learning (because it was for native English speakers), it was very easy to understand. Everything was explained in a simple and fun way.
    Paula Zahn (Germany)
  • In my four years at SMU, numerous professors commented again and again on the lack of grammar errors in my essays and reports. Now, in my second year of work at the JCPenny Home Office, managers have rated me “Well above expectation” in my writing and grammar skills. I have kept my old, beat-up Clamdigging book at my side for the last eight years, and I can assure you that it will remain a constant reference for any and all future writing.
    Jonathan Allmon
  • Remembering the rules of Clamdigging throughout my college career was a life saver. The rules were catchy and easy to remember. I know before Clamdigging I was the worst at using and misusing punctuation. The way the book is set up is just so easy and fun.
    Evelyn Stainbrook
  • I didn't realize just how valuable the "Guide to Professional Clamdigging" was until I started teaching creative writing to college students and saw their grammar. I thought surely everyone knew how to punctuate dialog, when to use semi-colons, etc. Not so. Not by a longshot. These weren't dumb kids, but their grammar was abysmal. Thank goodness for "Clamdigging" or I probably would have been in the same situation.
    David Afsharirad
  • Throughout college and into the seminary I found myself referring to the Guide to Professional Clamdigging to make sure that my grammar was up to snuff. It continues to serve me as a trusted resource.
    David Vandercook
  • Clamdigging gave me a leg up on other journalism students at the University of Missouri. Knowing how to use proper grammar is essential when going into journalism and Clamdigging was a big part of that.
    Steve Anthony
  • From the first day, Clamdigging engaged us, with dialogue and "pics." It's filled with helpful hints and tricks to understand and remember complex grammar rules. I still have my copy!
    Kristy Laurent
  • By the time I finished teaching the Clamdigging course, I fell in love with it.  Now as a full-time English instructor, I can’t imagine using any other grammar book in my sophomore level English class.
    Timothy Schermbeck (English teacher)
  • Mr. Lund’s writing has given the Clamdigging book a sense that it is alive!
    Aaron Brechenridge
  • The sly humor and fun memory sentences made learning grammar enjoyable and effective.
    Ben Jones
  • "Clamdigging" for me was a whole new way of learning grammar. It put a fun twist onto learning. It allowed me to see it with funny examples and cool font so it was easier to remember and more exciting to look at.
    Laura Hall
  • Mr. Lund’s book makes a subject that is often dry, tedious, or confusing, simple and memorable.  I have used Mr. Lund’s Guide to Professional Clamdigging to reinforce knowledge of grammar principles and improve students’ writing for over 6 years. I highly recommend you try it!
    Melissa Rankin (Chairman of the English Dept, Dallas Lutheran School)
  • Do you like falling asleep while you’re trying to learn English?  I know I don’t.  With Mr. Lund’s Clamdigging book you will never get tired.  When you are reading the lesson, it feels like the teacher is right there talking to you.  Finally, I get English!  I love this book!
    Brandi Becker (former Clamdigger)
  • I learned more about grammar from Clamdigging than I did in all my previous grades put together! Instead of inserting random commas in my writing, I now identify the clauses and phrases that require punctuation. I am proud of this skill and will never part with this book.
    Jenny Riecke (former Clamdigger)
  • The beauty of this book is that is instantly disarms the student’s fears and calms their anxieties through the use of humor. The playful tone makes the lessons approachable so that students let go of their prejudices toward grammar—and once their guards are down, they then begin to pay attention.
    Chris Capehart—(English teacher and former Clamdigger)
  • I had the pleasure of teaching Clamdigging. It was a fun way to teach grammar and punctuation. I do free-lance writing in retirement and still use the principles of Clamdigging.
    Tom Couser (English Teacher)
  • As a professional speaker and writer, people ask how I became a good story teller, a writer of cutting-edge sales copy, and a creator of quality promotional material. I tell them that it wasn't college or business school. It all happened when I was "digging for clams" with Mr. Lund nearly 20 years ago!
    Ben Littlefield (former Clamdigger)