I’m Loving it!—that is, I’m Loving the Grammar that I need!

Recently, while googling my book (Loving Grammar: Mr. Lund’s Guide to Professional Clamdigging), I came upon a frenzy of articles debating whether or not we could [...]

Still driving that sentence downtown and thinking about the ‘rules of’ the road’ on commas, Part 3

Okay, so now we know what adjective clauses are. Now comes the hard part—which ones get commas and which ones don’t?   To show you how [...]

Driving your sentence downtown or home or wherever you want to take it, Part 2

I’m very sorry for the delay in finishing the job on that last blog. My wife and I took a trip to Italy and then some [...]
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“Getting into your sentence and driving it downtown to work!” Part 1

You probably should be sitting down with your seat belt on while reading this blog today. This is going to get a little bumpy for a [...]