Loving Grammar for ESL Students

Mr. Lund has a MA in ESL and has taught hundreds of high school and post-secondary ESL students from around the world. He has also served as a Past President of TexTESOL V.

WOW! You’ll be LOVIN’ these fresh new features of Loving Grammar:

  • Crystal clear explanations of grammar and punctuation rules
  • Cool and unforgettable memory sentences
  • Innovative organization of the grammar– as simple as learning the four basic moves of chess
  • Engaging voice of a funny and friendly teacher and his zany interactions with three iconic students
  • Jokes and puns and idioms to keep you on your toes
  • Practice exercises galore
I never used to be very good at grammar; however, now I've got it down.
Anoor Hajee (Pakistan)
I always thought English grammar books were formal and boring, until I tried Loving Grammar.
Harry Maeng (Korea)
  • "Clamdigging" is the reason I am able to write and punctuate correctly. Because of Clamdigging I never forget how to correctly use commas and semi-colons. You'd be surprised how many college students still don't know how to use this punctuation--even adults! Clamdigging is a fun and informative book that engages students with interesting example sentences and comical dialogue."
    Grace Ngobia (Kenya)
  • I would love to have your Guide to Professional Clamdigging over here (Germany)  to pass along to my "ESL" students so that they learn the "why's" of English Grammar.
    Faith Christensen (ESL teacher in Germany)
  • As an ESL student, I found Mr. Lund's Guide to Professional Clamdigging to be the most effective tool for learning English. Clamdigging has not only helped me improve my sentence structure, punctuation, and writing, but it has also molded me into a better speaker of English.
    Abdul Tijani (Sierra Leone)
  • My mother, who is not a native English speaker, has been using it to improve her English and even now I sometimes peruse it just for fun. When is the last time you read your high school English grammar book for fun? Read Mr. Lund's "Clamdigging" and you'll find out why!
    Dolores Henry (Mexico)
  • I've studied English in German textbooks but in my opinion, the Clamdigging textbook was way more effective because although it was maybe a higher level of learning (because it was for native English speakers), it was very easy to understand. Everything was explained in a simple and fun way.
    Paula Zahn (Germany)