Loving Grammar for High School

Get this: a grammar book that is written in plain English. This is grammar and punctuation that YOU can actually understand--and MASTER!


Benefits of Clamdigging for high school students and teachers and tutors:

HS English classes have really become so dysfunctional that I’m not sure that students even believe that they can ‘get’ very common punctuation rules.   Come on guys – this isn’t brain surgery! It’s just grammar! And believe me – you can get this! Everyone can get this!

  • Master Punctuation– for once and for all!

  • Stress-free grammar lessons!

  • For the first time–grammar in plain English!

  • Crystal clear explanations of all rules!

  • Unforgettable memory sentences!

  • From the first day, Clamdigging engaged us, with dialogue and "pics." It's filled with helpful hints and tricks to understand and remember complex grammar rules. I still have my copy!
    Kristy Laurent
  • By the time I finished teaching the Clamdigging course, I fell in love with it.  Now as a full-time English instructor, I can’t imagine using any other grammar book in my sophomore level English class.
    Timothy Schermbeck (English teacher)
  • Mr. Lund’s writing has given the Clamdigging book a sense that it is alive!
    Aaron Brechenridge
  • The sly humor and fun memory sentences made learning grammar enjoyable and effective.
    Ben Jones
  • "Clamdigging" for me was a whole new way of learning grammar. It put a fun twist onto learning. It allowed me to see it with funny examples and cool font so it was easier to remember and more exciting to look at.
    Laura Hall
  • Mr. Lund’s book makes a subject that is often dry, tedious, or confusing, simple and memorable.  I have used Mr. Lund’s Guide to Professional Clamdigging to reinforce knowledge of grammar principles and improve students’ writing for over 6 years. I highly recommend you try it!
    Melissa Rankin (Chairman of the English Dept, Dallas Lutheran School)