High School Students Learning Grammar


Principle 2:   No diagramming sentences in Loving Grammar!

To me diagramming sentences (and yes, I do know how to do it—I have an advanced degree in applied linguistics) is the equivalent of cutting your lawn with scissors—it is way too            s   l   o   w       and      

l      a      b      o      r      i      o      u      s!

Diagramming Sentenes



My mission is to help students learn grammar and punctuation as quickly as possible, so they can confidently punctuate any sentence they write (or anyone else writes)—and so they can get on with the rest of their lives!

Principle 3:     This is mastery for EVERYONE, folks!  NO ONE gets left behind!

I know what it’s like in a normal English classroom of 30 kids.  Usually when questions of grammar come up, about 3-4 kids answer most of the questions and the rest of the kids just wait it out.  Not here!  Everyone in the class is going to get through this and MASTER the material!


That’s why I’m so happy that Felix (and do you know what that name means?), the kid who is most scared of grammar, is the one to do the honors of putting the commas in the formidable ‘Clamdigging sentence’* at the end of the book.  If your student hates grammar or is afraid of grammar—then she should pay attention to Felix and the other ‘kids’ in this book.  She will see something amazing.  They all get it.  Your student will too!


*Trapped on a sandbar by the incoming tide the amateur clam diggers Pete and Don who could not swim had to be rescued.  (punctuation intentionally left off)


(Much, much more on the beauty of mastery learning in my next post!)


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